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We're a medieval private roleplaying community with a custom made map, cities, and plenty more for you to

wonder around. Create alliances and build up new kingdoms from the ground up!

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    Summary: Welcome to the Wiki:
  • new page Noise Complaint - Lost Journal (Book)
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    New page: The Bake-Brew-&-Bones have been reporting loud noises in-between the building and the castle wall. I will send a few guards to check it out to mak
  • new page Accords of Mad (Book)
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    New page: Every proud and boastful, Oblivion's Mad Prince stood one fifth day of mid year among the frigid peaks of Tamorla, and beckoned forth Hircine for...
  • new page The Argonian (Book)
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    New page: On a minor but respectable plaza in Morning Grale sat, or perhaps lounged. Lord Vanech's Building commission. It was an uniminative, astere building...
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    New page: Books written/found in Tamorla In the land of Tamorla and everywhere inside lies lands of unexplored terrain and kingdoms, find books or...
    Summary: Added: The Argonian, Noise Complaint, Accords of Mad
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    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Lands of Tamorla Wiki as part of the FAN... 

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